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The Mindful Way to Reducing Stress  
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"There are many, many things I could tell you about this course but the most important one is - do it!  It has had an extraordinary impact on my life and has changed everything whilst changing nothing.  I still find it hard to believe that in such a short space of time life went from being a "job to get out of the way" so I could sleep to a holiday I don't want to end.  Nine months on I still feel the same if not better.  Mindfulness has given me not just hope for the future but eager anticipation".   


Here at NCMC we are delighted to see modern science continuing to demonstrate what ancient wisdom has known all along … that meditation and mindfulness are beneficial for our health and well-being.

This coupled with a significant growth in media coverage of the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, make this a truly inspiring time to encourage the development of mindfulness based interventions into a variety of settings.

It is our intention to develop this part of our website as a resource for those who are inspired by the incredible potential of mindfulness and meditation to benefit society as a whole and who wish to play a role in passing on the opportunity of mindfulness to others through our Making Mindfulness Mainstream Initiative.

If you already have an established practice (or have attended an MBSR/MBCT course or a Professional Mindfulness Workshop and are committed to establishing one!), are passionate about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and are interested in exploring the use of mindfulness within a particular context then please contact Sally Roberts via email (sally@yorkmbsr.co.uk) about joining or possibly helping to set up a Special Interest Group witin your area of expertise.

We look forward to hearing from you!




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