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Feedback from Creativity day reteats


"The day was facilitated excellently".


"The tutors were really encouraging and supportive".


"The venue was just marvellous!

Highly recommended".


"Time/space and support to explore

free drawing and wriitng. Wonderful location surrounded by nature".


"Really enjoyable, especially the second day when I felt I was getting more out of it by already being more relaxed and comfortable with everyone".


"Inspiring, very supportive with excellent teachers and a beautiful location".



To see examples of the tutors' work please view


Lauri's blogs

Mindful Living - poems

Creative Living - creative work

50 Books - book-binding project


Clare's website




"Let's run away!

Let's go outside into startling aliveness"



We are now offering a range of mindfulness and creativity workshops, retreats and courses. These reflect both the growing interest in, and need for, creative pursuits as a counter-balance to our busy and stressful lives. The two elements of mindfulness and creativity knit together extremely well as both can be addressed from a standpoint of curiosity being greater than fear, or recognising the fear but not being overwhelmed by it.*

The range of courses, retreats and workshops we offer include gentle mindfulness practices that will enable and support a playful approach to drawing and poetry/writing exercises through the qualities of patience, trust and openness. We are not necessarily aiming for completed pieces of work, but seek instead to enjoy the process of a more mindful approach to creativity, in whatever form it takes. The two tutors (Lauri and Clare) have a great deal of experience in their fields, as well as a daily practice of both mindfulness and creativity.

The various options below are available to all

  • If you already have a creative pursuit and would like to bring more mindfulness to it
  • If the 'C' word (creativity) terrifies you
  • If your practice of mindfulness would be enhanced by developing your creative side

*For many people fear can be crippling or overwhelming, and stops them from exploring new avenues or interests. If we can consider that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real (Neale Donald Walsch) we can acknowledge its presence as a natural function of the mind, but not allow it to restrict our choices.



Mindfulness based Creativity (MBCr) is an 8-week group course exploring the relationship between mindfulness and creativity as a means of playfully enhancing wellbeing and geting in touch with living the life we always imagined. Each session provides an aspect of mindfulness meditation, creative writing and drawing exercises.

Using Jon Kabat-Zinn's Attitudinal Foundations of mindfulness (also known as the 7 Pillars of mindfulness) as our guide, we will explore what having more curiosity than fear in our lives could look like, feel like and ultimately mean.

Course content:

  1. Beginner's Mind
  2. Non-judging
  3. Acceptance
  4. Patience
  5. Trust
  6. Letting Go
  7. Non-striving
  8. Beginner's Mind

Participants may join for a variety of reasons; simply taking time to prioritise their wellbeing, wishing to rekindle a past creative activity, facing a fear, or recognising the health benefits of engaging with creative pursuits.

Ticket price: £250 early bird / £275 standard.

Ideal for: anyone with an interest in mindfulness, poetry or drawing. No experience needed!

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These unique retreats, which welcome all experience levels, explore how mindfulness can stimulate stimulate your natural creativity. Held in stunning, inspirational settings such as Helmsley Walled Garden, Scampston Walled Garden and Brunswick Organic Nursery, delegates have the option of attending for one day (Saturday) or the whole weekend. Activities for each day include guided meditations (suitable for beginners), poetry and drawing sessions.

Ticket price: £70 early bird / £77 standard - Saturday / £130 early bird / £145 standard Saturday & Sunday (each ticket price inclusive of all materials and refreshments; please bring your own lunch)

Ideal for: anyone with an interest in mindfulness, poetry or drawing. No experience needed!

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Why the link between mindfulness and creatiivty?

If you want to read more on the research behind the links between mindfulness and creativity, and how each enhances the other, here are links to some relevant articles.





*More creativity than fear - Elizabeth Gilbert







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